San Patricio CAD is Seeking Applicants for the Appraisal Review Board

The San Patricio County Appraisal District Is Seeking Nominees for 2018 Appraisal Review Board Vacancies

Click here to download the ARB Member application.

The San Patricio County Appraisal District (SPCAD) is accepting applications from residents of San Patricio County Texas interested in service on the San Patricio County Appraisal Review Board (ARB) beginning in January 2018.

The review board hears property owner protests about market value, appraised value, exemption denials and other appraisal district-related matters. ARB members conduct protest hearings, most of which are during the summer and fall months.

Members of the review board are appointed to serve two-year terms. Service on the review board doesn’t constitute a full-time job but, while conducting hearings, members are paid $200 per day, for each full day of duty, and reimbursed for ARB related mileage.

Appraisal Review Board service is generally a full-day commitment on hearing days during the summer and fall months and may require members to be available to serve all day on a weekend June through September. Weekday hearings are also held at other times of the year.  ARB members are not always scheduled every day, but must be available to serve if needed.
In service to the ARB, board members must be willing to follow the applicable laws of the State of Texas, and the rules and procedures set out by the Texas Comptroller’s Office that govern ARB conduct. Board members must also be willing to conduct themselves with an attitude of fairness, impartiality, and professionalism, and devote sufficient time to their responsibilities.

Texas law contains specific provisions on ARB member eligibility as follows:

Candidates for the ARB must be current residents of San Patricio County and must have resided in the county for at least two years.  Persons who fall into any of the following categories are ineligible:

Persons who own an interest in property on which delinquent taxes are due, regardless of where in Texas that property may be located, unless the tax is deferred or being paid under an installment agreement.

Individuals who are currently employed by the state comptroller of public accounts, or who are members of the governing body; an officer; or a full- or part-time employee of a county, city, school district, utility district or any other entity supported by local property taxes.

Anyone who personally, or whose spouse personally, has a contract with a local government or an appraisal district. The same restriction applies if the person, or his or her spouse, owns a 10 percent or greater interest in a business that contracts with a local government or appraisal district.

Persons who at any time have appeared before the ARB for compensation as a tax consultant, accountant, appraiser or representative of a property owner.

Anyone who has served on the board for all or part of three previous consecutive two-year terms, must have had at least a one full year period of time not serving on the ARB before they are once again eligible to serve.

Any individual who has ever been employed by SPCAD or has ever served as a member of the SPACD Board of Directors.

Applicants aren’t considered if they are presently under indictment or have previously been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.

Application forms are available by contacting the Appraisal District at 361-364-5402 or at our website  Applicants selected as finalists may be scheduled for an interview with the SPCAD Board of Directors. The application deadline is the first Thursday in December.

Click here to download the ARB Member application.